Geoff Perry - Professional Photographer in North East England
As a landscape photographer I specialise in capturing stunning images across Northern England. My passion to photograph this region has allowed me to build an extensive portfolio of breathtaking images, equally artistic, as they are technical. My images are made by venturing off the beaten track, setting up my camera and patiently waiting for the perfect moment to take the photograph. Carrying a heavy pack in the dark, sometimes in the cold and wet over rough ground is not always fun! However when a majestic landscape unfolds before you bathed in dawn light then all the hard work and planning is rewarded with beautiful photographs.
As a commercial photographer I enjoy the challenges of working with a wide range of businesses, schools and local authorities. Businesses who are switched on to effective advertising campaigns and web presence realize the value of quality photographic images as a means of promotion.
I have worked with a number of businesses throughout the north of England working closely with directors on business promotion through imagery.
Being a teacher for almost 40 years, I have the experience to share my expertise and passion with others who are eager to learn. My background in education commenced in schools where I taught Fine Art, Photography and Graphics. On top of this I have taught photography evening classes to adults in schools and colleges. I also deliver photography and photoshop courses from my studio/gallery in Yarm. Recently, I enjoyed working with budding photographers on a one-to-one basis and in smaller groups, this suits those who prefer working on a more personal level. Last year I was appointed as a Photography Activity Leader for HF Holidays, click the link for further information.

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ring -  07986141348 / 01325355900

2015 - 2016 
New ventures include -  
One day Landscape CoursesBudding landscape photographer are able to select their date, place of interest and subject matter and I will model a course to meet their requirements.
Short Photography Breaks There are a number planned including: 1- 2 nights in the Lake District, Northumberland and Malhamdale.
See course pages for further information.